An Excellent Stretch for An Office Worker


We often work with office workers. While working in an office might seem like an easy job from a physical perspective, it still has potential risks for your body. Two major hazards are head-forward posture and slouching.

Slouching causes chest muscles to shorten and back muscles to lengthen. This results in two outcomes: rounded appearance of the spine and soreness and achiness in back muscles, mainly in mid back and upper back. Even though sometimes changes might be permanent, in most cases these outcomes can be easily prevented and even reversed. All it takes is a diligent daily practice of exercises aimed at correcting sitting posture.

To reverse the effects of slouching, one should stretch the chest, and strengthen the back. I would like to share one simple stretching exercise to start reducing the damages brought on by slouching.  It’s called Pectoralis Major Stretch. Doing this exercise will help you reduce muscle soreness in your back.

Pectoralis Major Stretch (aka Doorway Stretch)

  1. Stand in a doorway
  2. Place your forearm on a doorway so that your shoulder is at 90 degrees to your body and your elbow is at 90 degrees flexion.
  3. Resting your forearm on the doorway, shift your body forward until you feel a stretch in front of your chest. Avoid twisting your torso.
  4. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat on both sides.
  5. Stretches are most effective when done daily; 2-3 times a day.

There you go. This simple stretch would take only 2-3 minutes of your day. This exercise helps you to “open up” your chest by lengthening chest muscles thus preventing rounded appearance and pain in your back. Which exercises do you find useful doing in your office?

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